Photo of cliffs


In 2009 3 colleagues organised a sponsored endurance walk along the Norfolk/Suffolk coast, covering 125 miles in 5 days there were plenty of topics to discuss. From our Top5 favourite cars, world cup goals, holidays and meals to drinks they were all debated at length. We got on to our Top5 favourite brands, why they’re great, how successful they are. We all agreed some of our favourite brands are not as well known as they should be and over the subsequent miles the seed was sown.

In 2010 and Top5 Ventures Ltd was born. A sales and marketing business which owns, represents and consults for premium brands in the UK with an aim of making great brands successful. When it comes to brands we believe in:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Character
  • Performance
Photo of the top5 team walking
Signatures of Rob, Mark and Mike - the top5 team
Rob, Mark and Mike